Per the collective bargaining agreement, time is allowed for shop stewards and union officers to meet for training and discussion matters of mutual concern. We keep records of the meeting as well as those in attendance.

CBA Article 1, Section 5.

a. Shop Stewards will be allowed three (3) hours of official time each month to meet with other stewards and union officers for training and to discuss matters of mutual concerns. The Union agrees that no internal Union business will be conducted during these sessions. The Employer will be provided an agenda of the training program if requested. The Union agrees to keep an attendance record of the Union personnel attending each training session. The Employer will be provided a copy of this record if requested.

See External link opens in new tab or windowStewards Meeting for agenda and notes of the discussion. The Stewards Meeting occurs on the first Tuesday of the month between 8 and 11 AM at the union office.

For the agenda for and attendance at the 1st Thursday Union Meeting, please go to the External link opens in new tab or windowEvents page.