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Why it's so important for all of us as Federal Employees!

Once again Federal employees are under attack! The recently issued Presidential Executive Orders as well as current legislation in Congress, will obliterate our rights to be represented during workplace disputes, our rights to negotiate changes in working conditions and the ability to be properly represented by a Union. There's a movement afoot to reduce our retirement benefits, freeze our pay AGAIN for 2 years and reduce the amount of leave we are currently entitled to. Supervisors will be able to pick and choose how to discipline employees, cronyism and favoritism will run rampart. As Federal employees we will lose our right to appeal disciplinary action to a third party, more important we will not be represented by our Union because Union officials will have to use annual leave or LWOP to do so!!

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) along with approximately 40 other Unions that represent Federal Employees have declared Wednesdays to be RED FOR FED DAYS. The idea is for ALL employees, in a showing of solidarity wear something RED on Wednesdays. It can be anything. A ribbon, bow, tee-shirt or polo shirt, dress, skirt or blouse. A simply gesture to show each other that we support fair, equal treatment and the right to be treated with respect and dignity at the work place. So please tell your co-workers, supervisors to please wear something RED on Wednesdays. Hopefully more and more employees will participate is this show of solidarity and support for each other. As Federal employees we have each other, let's use that enormous power to protect the integrity and honor that we all have as dedicated and loyal Federal Employees!!!


Thank you
Don Hale
AFGE L2367



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